Port Project Management

Nexsol International provides port project management for marine facilities and terminals. Our services cover client choice, Fuel Management & Monitering System, Construction, Site Supervision, Planning, Contract Management and Safety. In addition, we can extend our project management services to cover the full lifecycle of the project from concept to commissioning.

We provide wide range of expertise on which high quality advice and assistance can be given to prospective customers which can contribute to improve standards of performance and operation. Nexsol International can provide services tailored to the client's requirements, either as a sub-contractor or principal contractor for a major project to provide more focused and specialist advice on an as and when required basis.

The services provided by us can enhance an organization’s capacity to review opportunities or to undertake specific tasks without involving in-house resources or further burdening hard pressed personnel with additional tasks to provide a corresponding benefit in utilization and profitability.

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