Provision of Port Equipment & SparesImport of equipment & Spares

Provision of Equipment & Spares

We are dealing in Commercial Imports using Surface, Air & Sea modes of transportation. Our core competency is supply of industrial spare parts to include Electrical, mechanical and electronic where we are also offering Logistics & Supply Chain Management Services to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the overall supply chains of our valued customers enabling them to compete in the challenging market conditions by staying competitive. Our major strength is the availability of 365 days high dense business, excellent financial health along with a highly experienced Management Team and professional team members with a network in Belgium, Spain ,China, Japan and Toronto where as our head office is based in Karachi.

Fire & Safety

Life safety is one of the biggest concerns in the design of infra- structure systems, especially tunnels, where fire and smoke represent a serious hazard. Beginning with an extensive risk and safety analysis (construction, traffic, industrial, rail, water, HSE, etc.), NEXSOL brings to every project a high level of expertise in tunnel safety concepts as well as a fluency in the mechanical, electrical and ventilation systems, the protection of structural elements, fire detection Our products include Fire extinguisher, Valve, Nose and Horn, Fire extinguisher Manometer, Accessories for Fire extin- guisher, Fire hose, Jet/Spray Nozzle and branch pipe, coupling landing valve, Water Divider, Water Collector, Fire Hose Reel, Fire extinguisher and Fire Hose Reel Cabinet, Fire Blanket, Rescue Ladder, Fire Fighting Equipment Cover, Display and Direction Signs, Suit and glove for Fireman, Smoke Alarm and Smoke Detector, Other Fire Fighting Products, Breathing Apparatus for fire Fighting, Emergency Illuminations, Lifesav- ing Accessories etc…

Wires, Cables & Steel Wire Ropes

NEXSOL International provides general wiring in a wide range. These cables are manufactured in conformity with national and international standards that provides safety and savings in electricity consumption because of the use of 99,99% pure copper, all grade cables, and through quality test of every meter of cable In accordance cater to the requirements of utilities, projects and industries, we offer low voltage and medium voltage cables with PVC and XLPE insulation. All cables are subject to rigorous in-house quality checks, LV and MVcables have been fully tested accordance to IEC 502. We also provide telephones, intercoms, coaxial and numerous types of special cables which include airfield lighting, control cables as per the requirement of the customer.

Our products includes Overhead conductor AAC and ACSR, Bare copper conductor, General wiring PVC insulated Auto- mobile cables, Control cables, Flexible cables, Low tension power cables, Low tension XLPE power cables, Polyethylene insulated Cables, Air field Lighting Cables, specialized cables all types, Triple extrusion XLPE power cables.

Piping Valves & Flow Controls

NEXSOL International has complete range of steel piping flow control products. We sourced only from carefully selected manufacturers. We supply pipes, fitting, Flanges, Bars, Valves, and many other piping products in any size or grade you might require. Our inventories contain the widest selection of low temp, high temp yield and high temp carbon steels, to low alloy, stainless, duplex, super duplex steels and nickel alloys. Our products includes High and low temp carbon steels in ASTM/ASME pipe Low alloy pipes in ASTM/ASME, DIN and EN pipe, Duplex and superduplex In ASTM/ASME DIN and EN pipe, Nickel alloy pipe, Plugs, Unions, Wyes, Valves, Tee, Caps, Ferrule, Elbow, Nipple, Reducer, Sleeve, Coupling, Adapters, Fasteners, Compression Fittings, Bulkhead Fittings, Bling Flanges, Orifice Flanges, Pipe Flange Gaskets, Slip on Flanges, Threaded Flanges, Lap joint Flanges, Pipe Flanges Bolts, Reducing Flanges, Socket weld Flanges, Weldneck Flanges, Ball Valves, H.P. Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Control Acces- sories, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Hygienic Pumps, Hygienic Valves instrumentations, Knife Gate Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Rotary Process Valves, Safety and Envi- ronmental Control, Slurry Valves