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Govt Relations

As businesses adapt to new economic realities and a more competitive global environment, government policy is increasingly playing a defining role. Business intelligence now means anticipating what government and policy makers will do next and influencing the ultimate outcome on policy, legislation and regulation in ways that protect and advance business interests.

At Nexsol International our approach in government relations is to brainstorm with you how to reach your goal, where the hidden obstacles lie, and how to overcome resistance. We’ll analyze with you the government’s values, goals and history of decisions in your sector. Then we will design a strategy to win. We have experience on both sides of the public policy table at every level of government. We know more importantly how to maximize your time and opportunity when you speak to them.

we know the Value of relationships that may come between you and success. Knowing and approaching decision makers personally and can quickly map a path to success on your issues.

Nexsol International is proud of its success in advocating towards government on behalf of some of Pakistan’s most prestigious clients. We would be pleased to discuss how we might be of assistance to you.

Here are some of the skills, tactics and tools we bring to our clients as seasoned government relations advisers:

  • Governmental Analysis: Providing you with an introduction to this government, its key players, their relationships, their allies, and their histories on your issues.
  • Intelligence Gathering: On government issues and plans just over the horizon.
  • Policy Analysis: Frank and detailed assessments of policy and its sub-text.
  • Polishing your Message: Every narrative can benefit from a review by experienced editors and advisors. We work with you to ensure that yours is as powerful and compelling as possible.
  • Mapping: Detailed mapping of the path to success as your issue moves through the complex decision making machinery of government and Parliament.
  • Positioning: Ensuring that every opportunity for you to align your goals with that of the government has been tested and developed.
  • Profile Building: Raising your profile with decision makers, as a thought leader, as a source of counsel on policy, and through the media.
  • Alliance Building: Connecting you and your issues with potential allies and partners in seeking to move decision-makers.
  • Campaign Management: You may decide you want to develop a full persuasion campaign on your issues. We have managed many such projects with great success for clients.
  • Audit and Performance Review: We are committed to delivering outcomes for clients. We’ll set specific targets and goals with you, and then conduct reviews assessing success.

Nexsol International has developed deep policy and industry expertise on the full array of policy issues. We know the culture and style of Pakistan governments, and how to approach them effectively. We would love to discuss your issue and your goals with you at your convenience. To set up a time for a discussion please be in touch.